Mises à jour de SecureMailMerge - Qu'est-ce qui a changé et qu'est-ce qui est nouveau ?


Mises à jour et versions

Here you will find information about when we update SecureMailMerge with new features or change functionality. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at [email protected]


Version 2024.11

Version 2024.9

  • Improved progress display to indicate which step is currently running
  • Improved retry mechanism for temporary failures during campaigns
  • Improved handling when Outlook has not synced with Microsoft 365 (e.g. template changes)

Version 2024.8

  • Fix for custom formatting involving fonts

Version 2024.7

  • New lines (line breaks) in personalization tokens are now automatically converted to HTML line breaks for better formatting

Version 2024.6

  • Fix for tokens embedded in links
  • Fix for wrong error message when subject and body were empty
  • Fix for a spreadsheet issue where emails starting with a number were interpreted as dates

Version 2024.5

  • Fix prevents backdating email campaigns when scheduling

Version 2024.4

  • Fix for changed error message from Microsoft Graph to explain the issue better

Version 2024.3

  • Fix for left margin issue for some formatting cases
  • Fix for copy pasted images not being displayed correctly

Version 2024.1

  • Fix for display issues with bullet points on Outlook for Mac


Version 2023.25

  • Now with support for formatting options (dates, currencies) when using Excel

Version 2023.24

  • Fix for trailing semi-colons and spaces which are now removed from the attachments column

Version 2023.23

  • Fix for emails with long local parts that were not validated correctly

Version 2023.22

  • Changed the display of missing attachments to only show the unique file names if the same attachment is used in multiple rows.
  • Fix for empty rows in the Attachments column causing issues

Version 2023.21

  • Fix for sending as an alias on your own mailbox (Workaround for MS Graph API limit).
  • Fix for incorrect row number on error messages
  • Whitespace in the email recipient field is now ignored.

Version 2023.20

Version 2023.18

  • Added site-wide search

Version 2023.16

  • Fix for CC/BCC usage
  • Fix for spreadsheets with empty column headers

Version 2023.15

  • Fix for images in Classic Outlook for Mac

Version 2023.14

  • Fix for copy-pasted images in Outlook for the Web

Version 2023.13

  • Infrastructure upgraded to improve reliability and performance

Version 2023.12

  • Fix for Web Outlook when using embedded (base64 encoded) images

Version 2023.10

  • Fix for Firefox users not being able to authenticate with Microsoft 365
  • Fix for intermittent timeout errors when sending attachments

Version 2023.9

Version 2023.7

  • You can now continue previous campaigns stored on your computer
  • Fixed an issue with the license not loading right away when starting a campaign from the address book

Version 2023.6

  • Contacts loading improved and sorting added

Version 2023.5

Version 2023.4

  • Licenses can now be purchased directly through your Microsoft 365 subscription

Version 2023.3

  • Create campaigns from address book contacts
  • Public launch of SecureMailMerge the Microsoft Office Store

Version 2023.2

  • SecureMailMerge was tested and verified by Microsoft for AppSource

Version 2023.1

  • Beta of SecureMailMerge released to early testers